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To clone a SIM card the IMSI and KI codes are needed, along with other details obtained using the SS7 Network Info Software.

SIM cards are then cloned using SIM writing software and hardware. Only the Phone Number is needed to perform this task.

You can order any SIM card writer. Contact us if you use another model in order to check it and make sure it works with our software prior to order it.

Here are the models we work with:

Amazon, Amazon



The software that comes along with these devices can’t decode the KI code which is encrypted by the network and your SIM will not have signal. You can check this review on YouTube

Our SS7 Network Info Software retrieves all the data needed to write on the SIM (including KI decoding from the network). Then with the SimSwap software you can write the SIM card with all data and have network signal.


  1. Software is available in any country 24/7
  2. Software success rate is 100% Guaranteed
  3. You receive the SS7 Network Info and SimSwap software.


The software generates error logs in form of a .txt file inside the .exe folder. If for any reason the software fails to complete the tasks you are entitled to a 100% refund. Please note the refunds are done only via bitcoin and you must provide the error log and a bitcoin address. Refunds are valid only while your license is still valid and will be fulfilled within 48 hours.


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