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Location Tracking

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Owning a telecom license allows our software to intercept any SMS/Calls/Location remotely using our own custom exploits.

In order to use the SS7 Intercept Exploit Software you only need the Phone Number of the person you want to intercept the SMS/Calls/Location

SS7 Intercept Software License can intercept: SMS, Calls and Track Location.


  • Send SMS and Make Calls from the intercepted number (no limits)
  • Listen to LIVE Calls from the intercepted number (no limits)


  1. Software is available in any country 24/7
  2. Time to intercept SMS/Calls 1~3 seconds. Real Time Location Tracking: 20~40 seconds
  3. Phone can be turned off since the exploit attacks the network and not the phone
  4. The number has to exist in the network and must be activated
  5. To reduce server abuse some licenses have limitations
  6. Unlimited SMS/Calls/Location Tracking from Unlimited Numbers is allowed
  7. Software works only on Windows 10 (all versions)
  8. Download Link and License information are sent automatically to your registered email address once we receive 3 confirmations from the bitcoin network
  9. You need only the software and no other hardware to perform all tasks.
  10. Software success rate is 90%. For 100% success rate check SIM Swap Software.


The software generates error logs in form of a .txt file inside the .exe folder. If for any reason the software fails to complete the tasks you are entitled to a 100% refund. Please note the refunds are done only via bitcoin and you must provide the error log and a bitcoin address. Refunds are valid only while your license is still valid and will be fulfilled within 48 hours.


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